I'm Katarzyna

A Django Developer & UI Designer

Website for a luxury brand

Design of Luxury Fashion Brand Website


Visual appearance is designed to align with the ideal customer's need for expressing individuality and authenticity as well as values of simplicity and craftsmanship.


Clean lines, subtle details, soft greys, simple typography and layout communicates minimalism with rebellious twist underneath as a clear picture of the brand's aesthetic and values.


Layout build with CSS grid system, UI designed according to Web Content Accessibility Guidelines level AAA (WCAG) and Accessible Perceptual Contrast Algirithm (APCA).

Screenshot of Homepage Fashion Luxury Brand Website Screenshot of Navigation Fashion Luxury Brand Website
Screenshot of a Website for Luxury Brand About Page Screenshot of A Luxury Brand Website Minimalistic Navigation

Booking system for yoga classes

Screenshot of Yoga Teacher Website and Booking System


The client's challenge was to prepare and conduct yoga classes while simultaneously managing responses to calls and messages regarding questions and bookings from both new and existing customers.


The design included developing a website integrated with a booking system to lower the entry level for new customers and improve the process of booking seats for yoga classes.


Django responsible for back-end logic & Bootstrap customized via SASS on front-end layer.

Screenshot Of Yoga Teacher Website The About Me Part Screenshot Of Yoga Teacher Website The About Me Part
Screenshot Of Booking Yoga Class System Screenshot Of Booking Yoga Class System

About web development

Over the years, I've observed how brands, including my own, cultivate relationships with users through websites. From delivering valuable content and crafting well-thought-out layouts to creating custom-made solutions driven by user research, my previous experience has given me a unique perspective on integrating technology with a business approach.






Ever had that feeling when you barely start working and suddenly it's already... 19:00?

That's precisely how I feel when crafting websites.

About UI design

Websites connect users with their favorite products. They provide answers to burning questions, guide customers, and evoke a unique experience. The last can be achieved through aesthetics, narration, and layout, but mostly... through understanding. When you understand, you can resonate - it is a simple rule I follow in both designing and development.





User research

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